Designing super hero capes

The children have been drawing their powers on their superhero capes. They put a lot of thought into their powers. These ranged from flying powers, to ice making powers to fast running powers.… Continue reading

Designing, making and training.

Superheroes have taken over the nursery. They have been training on our obstacle course, making  super food for super powers and  designing their costumes. They have been working together to try out their… Continue reading

Superheros at large

Today Trotwood children have had the opportunity to design their very own superheros on the interactive white board whilst discussing their special powers and how they could be used to help people. Then… Continue reading

Sensory sand

Mixing sand, cocoa powder and mint tea. The children made a construction site and a hot chocolate shop.          

Our sing-a-long

Thankyou to all the parents who came along to support us. A huge thankyou also to the children for being so enthusiastic and attentive and also to Hannah our visiting musician.

Acting out the three Billy goats gruff

Experimenting with making shapes


This week we have been arranging shapes to make pictures. The children have also had great fun building our new amazing marble run. “It’s like the marbles is going down the drain”

Bulb planting

The children have planted daffodil bulbs this week. Let’s wait and see what will happen in the spring.

The little red hen

This week we have been reading the story, The Little Red Hen, talking about working together as a team and then baking bread. The children were very satisfied to have baked their own… Continue reading