Today in music the children sang in zulu, learned a new train song, played instruments to the beat of a tune and also used their feet to keep to the beat. Advertisements

Baking cakes

Today the children decided to bake some cakes. We found an oven and then used timers to cook the cakes for the right amount of time.

Stay n play

Thank you to all the┬áparents who have been able to attend our stay n play sessions on a Wednesday morning and afternoon. We will continue them after the Easter break every Wednesday from… Continue reading

Running a mile

This morning the children have started the day with a big run around the playground as part of our sport relief activities. The children have been noticing the changes to their body as… Continue reading

All the chicks have hatched

Can you spot how many females (the brown ones), and how many males (the yellow ones) there are?

Eight chicks

“They are growing. They will grow into chickens and then we will keep them in our garden. We are going to have chickens again” O “They will be too big for the incubator”… Continue reading

Our eggs are hatching

Today the children have had the opportunity to see four chicks hatch. We are now eagerly waiting to see what the other six eggs will do. “They are going to turn into more… Continue reading

Spending treasure

The children have been digging for treasure and then spending it in the Trotwood shop. They have been such polite customers and shop keepers.

Continuing to make giant castles

The children have been digging to make a giant castle again. They made a giant square moat this time.

Making tracks

The children decided to run or walk only on the lines. We soon ran out of lines so we added more lines. Kayin also added lots of Xs to make sure we did… Continue reading