Working in collaboration.

It’s all our IPads put together. To make a flying IPad. The stone hangs from a rope then it falls down to break things. Advertisements

Wonderful Wednesday.

What a visit from zoolab! We have found out some fascinating facts like snails eat bones, cockroaches have 2 brains and hermit crabs have 10 legs.

Musical movement

Trains on the move.

The life cycle of a butterfly

This week the children have been exploring the different stages of various bugs. They have especially been inspired to act out the life cycle of a butterfly finding inventive ways to travel around… Continue reading

Wonderful Wednesday

Maths everywhere. During stay n play today we explored a poem about ladybirds. We talked about taking one away,then what number comes next.

Snail experiment

After having given the snails red paper to eat their poo did indeed change colour. The children were fascinated by this and also very satisfied to see results from the experiment they had… Continue reading

Tatty Ratty in the Eco Garden

Today we shared the story of Tatty Ratty after having spotted the changes in the garden. The blossom is drying out and the leaves are forming on the trees. We noticed flowers on… Continue reading

Slimy snails

Today we found lots of snails living in the strawberries. We took them out to have a close look at their movements. Then we gave them some red tissue paper to eat to… Continue reading

Ten dots

The children have been inspired to make dots from play dough after reading the book ten dots. “I’m going to make one hundred dots” Kawsar “You need more. You’ve only got 56” Oliver… Continue reading

            Developing core strength

Using a mixture of climbing, balancing and jumping the children have been excercising their muscles to gain more control over their movements. The children have really grown in confidence and are keen to… Continue reading