Fun with dough

Yesterday the children were keen to make some dough so we mixed some flour and salt together. Despite lots of mixing and and feeling of the ingredients the mixture just would’t change until someone suggested we add water. The dry mixture was very soft and silky while the wet dough mixture became really sticky, as described by Kayin “it’s sticky like sludge”.
Eventually we got the perfect consistency by adding more flour.
Today we used the same dough and this time added food colouring which was really hard to mix in. We exercised our hand and finger muscles twisting, folding, banging, rolling and squishing the dough until eventually it turned blue.
At home try mixing two colours together. Encourage lots of squishing and twisting until the new colour is even. This is a wonderful workout for little hands. As you mix them admire the swirls and different shades. Try not to rush and take over so your child enjoys the discovery and has a good work out. If they struggle with this give smaller bits of dough to manipulate and if they find it really easy give bigger bits.