Our First Egg Has Cracked And A Chick Has Hatched

The eggs arrived on Monday, all 11 of them. By Tuesday morning there were two eggs with little cracks in their shells. By the afternoon just around tidy-up time we all stopped tidying as a chick had pecked away a large hole in it’s shell with the egg tooth. Everybody gathered around the incubator to watch the chick hatch. It was fascinating to see the umbilical cord still attached to the chick and the egg.
The children were so excited to see this special moment and were gently encouraging the chick to peck it’s way out. Samira was saying, “come on chick, you can do it. Keep going. peck, peck. Keep pecking” They were all very gentle and showed great care around the eggs and the young chick.
Many of the children made the connection with their own births and spoke about when they came into the world.