Our Snowy Day

DSC03778Today the children were determined to see, touch, build and play in the snow. After waiting an hour to let it settle we went into Lant Street where we were the first to make foot prints. Then there was talk of building a snowman. We began to gather snow, we discovered the bricks were perfect for scraping along the ground to make tracks and produce huge piles of snow. This snow was collected in a wheelbarrow and transported to the area where children were patting the snow down. In the end we created what looked like a mountain. Ms Harris thought it looked like the shard but Eliana and Rihann named it Sleeping Beauty.

Isaac said that if we gathered all the snow in the world we could have added it to our pile of snow to make it reach the moon. Some children were worried it might melt so I asked them what they thought would make it melt. Samira said, “the sun”, Eliana said, “water” and Isaac said, “fire”. What a clever bunch of children! 

There were a few cold fingers but as soon as a child was cold they rushed inside to warm up and put their wet things to dry.

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