Making a plan


Meeting our French teacher Lucile

Today we were very lucky to be visited by our resident French teacher who brought a mysterious box with her. Inside, the children thought they might find a trumpet, tamborine, flute or violin,… Continue reading

How tall is this tower?

Today the children showed off their wonderful counting skills as we played the one minute tower game. They all had a go at making towers either with unifix cubes or by balancing wooden… Continue reading

Finding a pathway through the nursey

The children were very excited to turn our junk modelling box into a car. They added cushions for comfort and a steering wheel. They took it in turns to be the driver, have… Continue reading

What organised children!

The children have been exploring being teachers. Here you can see them doing a communal reading of the story I Spy. As children play in role they explore language and registers they may… Continue reading

Watching mixtures change.

Today the children were using a crumbly mixture of corn flour and hair gel to fill cooking bowls as they pretended to cook a meal. The children then decided to add food colouring… Continue reading

Welcome back Trotwood children

Today the children bounced into nursery bubbling with enthusiasm. Together we have been looking at the changes to our plants many of which are now growing fruit. Houses have been built and the… Continue reading

Watching our garden grow

We have been watching our seeds grow into plants. We have been very careful not to overwater them and are enjoying seeing them get taller every day. Andrew’s sunflower is the tallest at… Continue reading

Building a house

Today the children very busily built a house from the community blocks. Ida was especially helpful in ensuring the house was stable and safe to sit and stand on. Later the house turned… Continue reading

Stay n play.

What a fantastic morning. Just a quick reminder; this is the last stay n play session this half term. We will continue again after half term. Thank you for all your support. Hope… Continue reading